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Keep Your Holiday Decorations Pest-Free

Many of us welcome guests during the holidays, but have you stopped to consider the unwelcome visitors that can also make their way into your home? Pests piggyback on greenery, decorations, and storage containers and are attracted to warmth in the cold winter months. There’s no need to scrap your holiday plans, however! Following a few simple guidelines will keep your home pest-free while still allowing you to go all-out with your decor.

Don't Let Pests In the Door

With their fresh pine smell, live trees, garland, and wreaths invoke the holiday spirit, but they can also be home to spiders, mites, beetles, aphids and more. Before bringing live plants into your home, rid them of critters by shaking vigorously and removing any bird or insect nests. For added protection, place foliage on a sheet in the garage for a day and vacuum up any insects that find their way onto the cloth. Firewood should also be kept outside and away from the home to avoid bringing beetles, ants and termites inside.

Keep Decorations Safe

Winter weather drives many rodents to seek shelter in warmer locations such as attics, basements, and crawlspaces.  As you unpack holiday items stored in these areas, check for rodent droppings, chewed cords, and other signs that rats, mice or raccoons are present. Clean ornaments and lights before using and again before re-packing. Avoid cardboard boxes — a favorite food of cockroaches, crickets, silverfish, and termites — opting instead to store Grandma’s hand-me-down ornaments in sealed plastic bins. If you have an artificial tree, considering investing in a large tree storage bag to keep it both bug and dust-free.

Don't Feed the Pests

We all know Santa likes cookies, but so do many pests. Store food in sealed containers to keep varmints from enjoying snacks meant for your family and guests. If you choose to decorate with edibles like popcorn strands or gingerbread ornaments, make sure they are securely wrapped and monitor for any signs of pest activity.

Call In the Professionals

Need a little extra help with pests before you holiday company arrives? Don’t waste time and money on DIY pest control treatments. Get rid of pests quickly and effectively with the help of a professional exterminator. Call A-Action Pest Control Services to address a bug or rodent issue. A-Action also offers proactive inspection and treatment plans to ensure a pest-free home throughout the year!

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