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ID Your Bee

We see many types of stinging insects here at A-Action Pest Control.  We realize for you, the lay person, it can be hard to know which is which.  So we thought it might be nice to help you “ID Your Bee.”

Bumble Bees

These are the fat, furry ones most often seen on flowers.  They are not very aggressive and are more interested in the flowers than you.  They like to nest in loose material such as a pile of grass clippings or leaves.  Their nests can also be found in the ground or under a sidewalk, concrete patio or front stoop.

Carpenter Bees

These bees are responsible for those perfectly round holes you see in wood along eaves and on your deck.  Inside those holes is where you’ll find their next “generation.”  Carpenter Bees are usually not very aggressive but keep in mind, the “babies” will return to the holes they were born in so you’ll have them next year as well.


Paper Wasps build the nests you’re probably most familiar with.  It’s an “umbrella” like structure with little sections.  You’ll find these way up in the peaks of your home.  You’ll also find them in grills, mailboxes, and under decks.  They are more aggressive than Bumble Bees or Carpenter Bees and will sting if provoked.

Yellow Jackets

You’ll find these annoying guys hanging around your home, garbage cans, and your can of pop at the family picnic.  They like to build nests inside attics and wall voids.  Chances are you won’t see the nest but you’ll see them flying in and out of an area like it’s their own personal airport.  You might even hear a “rustling leaves” sound coming from the nest area.  They are also pretty aggressive and will sting you.


Hornets are the most aggressive of all the stinging insects and their sting is said to be the most painful.  They like to nest high up on your home, in trees and shrubs.  They build a “paper mache” looking nest with a hole in the bottom.  It’s best to stay away and call professionals like us here at A-Action Pest Control to remove the nest for you.

We hope this helps to determine which of these pests might be invading your home.  If you’re still unsure, don’t hesitate to call.  A-Action Pest Control will be happy to send one of our professional technicians to help.