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Pest Control in Libertyville Starting at $32/Month!

Get award-winning pest control backed by 31 years of experience. We provide fast, family-friendly pest control that you can rely on. Sign up today and receive $25 off your pest control treatment.

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We have used A-Action for a variety of pest control issues and every time the service has been stellar. From simple seasonal pest control to more complicated issues, they are timely, respectful and responsive.


Pest Control in Libertyville

Having pests in your home can be stressful, but getting rid of them is a breeze when you choose A-Action for your pest control in Libertyville. When you have a pest problem, our highly-trained Libertyville exterminators will come up with a customized treatment plan to fit the unique needs of your home. With the best available pest control solutions, friendly and personalized service, and quick response time, you’re sure to see results in no time! Once we arrive on the scene, the pests’ days are numbered, and you can rest easy once again.

Get $25 Off Your Initial Pest Service

New customers are invited to take $25 off their initial pest control service when choosing A-Action. Want other ways to save? Check out our Libertyville pest control coupons for other special offers on other services!

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Pest Treatments Starting at Just $95/qtr.

Here at A-Action, we believe that providing the best service possible is only possible if our exterminators have the skills, tools, and know-how to do the job right. All of our exterminators in Libertyville are expertly trained on the latest pest control solutions and required to maintain a state certification so we can deliver the best possible results for you. You can rest assured that when an A-Action exterminator shows up on your doorstep, your concerns will be listened to and taken care of with the utmost care and respect. With 6 Angie’s List Super Service Awards under our belts, you’re sure to be satisfied with the service you receive from our expert team!

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Why Choose A-Action?

Here at A-Action Pest Control, we pride ourselves on being a local business with a history of family ownership. Since 1988, we’ve been helping homeowners in the Libertyville community solve their pest problems while simultaneously forming lasting relationships with our customers. The people we serve are our top priority, which is why we strive to offer a high standard of customer service that keeps customers coming back for all their pest control needs.

You Will Love the Results--We Guarantee It!

We know that protecting your home from pests is a tall order, but we are up to the challenge. To prove it, we are happy to offer our 100% elimination guarantee. If you find pests in your home after we provide you with pest control in Libertyville, contact us as soon as possible and we will be right back to make it right. That is our commitment to you and to your family!

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Rodent Control in Libertyville

Discovering you have a rodent problem can disturb your peace of mind and leave you feeling uncomfortable in your own home. Not only are rodents destructive, they also spread a variety of diseases that can make you and your family very sick. Due to their elusive nature, rodent control in Libertyville is best left to the professionals in order to yield the most effective results. 

Protect Your Home and Save $50 on Rodent Services

At A-Action, we’re here to protect you, your family, and your home from the effects of rodents. We’re also here to help you save money by offering affordable, effective services. When you sign up for our Libertyville rodent control, you can save an additional $50! If you’re interested in even more ways to save, check out our other coupons for pest control in Libertyville.


Say Goodbye to Rodents in Your Home

When you’re in need of rodent control in Libertyville, it’s best to trust the professionals. We use the best materials while ensuring no additional parts of your home get contaminated. We take pride in our ability to restore comfort to your home once and for all. Our Libertyville rodent exterminators will:

  • Thoroughly inspect your home to determine how rodents are entering your space.
  • Identify the locations of their nests, as well as areas with heavy activity.
  • Strategically set up humane bait stations.
  • Seal off the previously determined entry points, keeping out future rodents.
  • Eliminate food sources and other hazards that draw rodents into your home.
  • Give you back peace of mind, and a rodent-free home.


Trustworthy Local Exterminators

We’ve spent 30 years providing exceptional rodent control in Libertyville, and our reputation reflects that. When you partner with A-Action, you can always trust you’re getting the highest standard of service possible. Our friendly Libertyville rodent exterminators keep you informed, answering questions and addressing concerns, so you can feel confident about what’s happening in your home. As a locally owned family business, we care about our neighbors and will do everything in our power to keep your family safe.

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Stinging Insect Control in Libertyville

If you want to relax this summer without the threat of painful stings from wasps, bees, hornets, or yellow jackets, then you need A-Action Pest Control. We are proud to provide the best power spray treatment in Libertyville so you can enjoy the beautiful weather without worry. Whether it’s firing up the grill for a barbecue or watching your kids run around, you deserve a yard you and your family can feel safe in.

Save $30 on the Best Power Spray Treatment in Libertyville

They may be a formidable opponent, but wasps, hornets, and yellow jackets don’t stand a chance against our Libertyville stinging insect control. Just because we’re tough on pests doesn’t mean we’re tough on your wallet! In addition to our already reasonable prices, we love to put out coupons! Right now, when you sign up for our Libertyville power treatment, you’ll save $30!


Get Rid of Stinging Insects in Just One Treatment

Over 30 years of providing stinging insect control in Libertyville has resulted in our powerful Power Spray Treatment that gets the job done in just one visit. You can’t ask for faster results than that! When you trust us with your Libertyville stinging insect control, you can also expect:

  • Treatment times based on what’s convenient for you. In some cases, we can even meet you the very same day!
  • A thorough inspection of every nook and cranny on your property to search for stinging insects that try to hide.
  • Discovery of all active nests on your property.
  • Elimination of all current stinging insects through eco-friendly means.
  • Preventative measures, such as totally removing the nest materials, to prevent future infestations.

While bees may be a nuisance when their home is too close to yours, they’re ultimately beneficial. Bees are responsible for pollinating a third of the world’s agricultural output! Our team at A-Action is proud to protect our pollinators by working with local beekeepers to safely relocate them.

If You Aren’t Satisfied, Neither Are We

Here at A-Action Pest Control, we believe in going the extra mile whenever possible, because our customers deserve nothing but the best. We use our experience and advanced methods to safely and effectively provide stinging insect control in Libertyville, getting the job done right. While we’re confident in our treatments, we aren’t satisfied with them until you are. If you’re unhappy with our services for any reason, simply just give us a call and one of our Libertyville stinging insect exterminators will happily return to re-treat at no additional cost to you.

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Mosquito Control & Flea and Tick Control in Libertyville

Whether you’re trying to relax on your patio or working hard pulling weeds in the garden, mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks can be not only a huge menace but a danger as well. These small pests can spread viruses like Zika and diseases like Malaria and Lyme. When you want to enjoy your time outside without worrying about your pets or family, it’s time to call the experts at A-Action Pest Control. We'll provide the flea control and tick control services you need.

Instantly Save $25 On Mosquito Treatments

Mosquitoes can take a bite out of your summer fun. Now, when you sign up with A-Action Pest Control for our mosquito treatments in Libertyville, you can save $25 on your first mosquito control service! Please note that this offer cannot be combined with another offer and is valid for new customers only.

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Same-Day Service Available

With our mosquito, flea, and tick control in Libertyville, you can expect:

  • Quality treatments that are tough on insects, but kind to your family and pets
  • Treatments applied monthly (the life cycle of these pests) during warm months
  • Answers to your questions and concerns, as well as advice for prevention

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Mosquito, Flea & Tick Defense from $69

Because we’re a locally-owned family business, we care about the health and well-being of the families in our community as much as we do our own. When you partner with A-Action for mosquito, flea, and tick control in Libertyville, you can trust that our team will always have your best interests in mind.

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Wood Destroying Insect Reports in Libertyville

Are you a real estate broker trying to sell a house? A-Action Pest Control offers wood destroying insect reports in Libertyville to help realtors move the sales process forward. Our inspections usually take less than an hour to complete and are accurate and thorough. We provide VA, FHA, and other conventional termite reports that are compliant to NPMA standards. The wood destroying insects we inspect for include:

  • Subterranean Termites    
  • Drywood Termites       
  • Carpenter Ants
  • Carpenter Bees       
  • Wood Destroying Beetles

During the inspection, one of our expert exterminators in Libertyville will let you know of any possible pest problems they’ve found, so you can get those taken care of proactively. All of our exterminators are state certified, so you can trust that they know exactly what to look for and can provide you with the most accurate report possible. On top of that, we’ve won the Angie’s List Super Service Award 6 years in a row, meaning you’ll not only get a thorough report, but also a high standard of customer service. When you need wood destroying insect reports in Libertyville, A-Action is the smart choice for realtors.

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