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Pest Control Starting at Just $44/Month

Finding pests in the home can feel like an intrusion—but they are easy to get rid of with A-Action’s pest control in Illinois and Wisconsin. Our highly trained, state-certified exterminators know exactly what it takes to eliminate any infestation and how to prevent future ones. Give us a call at 847-838-5680 or contact us to see how you can save $25 on your initial service!

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Pest Control in Illinois and Wisconsin

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When you have a pest problem in your home, you want it resolved as quickly and easily as possible. With flexible scheduling, highly trained exterminators, and guaranteed treatments, you can rest assured that any infestation will be eliminated the first time! A-Action Pest control is your one-stop-shop and provides a variety of pest services, protecting you from critters such as:


Continuous Treatments to Prevent Infestations

Infestations can cause serious health problems if left unchecked. While one-time services may take care of an existing problem, if you want to keep the bugs from coming back, you need recurring services. Whether it's ants in the kitchen or mosquitoes in your yard, they can be difficult to control with only one-time treatments. Continuous treatment not only eliminates your current infestation but also keeps them from coming back. 

Year-Round Protection from Seasonal Pests

As the seasons change, so do the type of pests trying to get into your home. For year-round results, A-Action recommends having a recurring service in place to protect you from various pests, such as:

Common Winter Pests

Many pests aren’t as active in the winter as they are during warmer seasons—but not all activity stops! You may experience:

  • Rodents: Winter is a busy time for rodents! In our area, mice are a huge problem as the temperatures begin to drop. With females having 40 to 50 offspring in just one year, your small mouse problem could turn into something serious fast. 
  • Ants: Many homes in our area, especially those with slab foundations, may find ants to be a problem during the cooler months. Ants, such as pavements ants, odorous house ants (also known as sugar ants), and pharaoh ants, will enter your home looking for food and water. 
  • Spiders: Just like you don’t want to live outside during frigid temperatures, spiders are looking for warmth as well. 

Common Spring Pests

As the weather begins to heat up, so does insect activity! Common spring invaders include:

  • Ants: If you left your ant problem untreated during the winter, they’re only going to get worse in the spring! 
  • Wasps: Wasps can actually show up as early as May if the temperatures are consistently in the high 50s or low 60s! The eaves on your home can make an attractive nesting place for a colony. If you suspect you have wasps, check out our stinging insect control today!

Common Summer Pests

Summer is peak pest activity! As the temperature climbs, you may experience:

  • Wasps: Wasps get even more common in the summer as temperatures are consistently warm. If you didn’t take care of the problem in the spring, don’t let them go unchecked in the summer! 
  • Mosquitoes: Mosquitoes can start anytime between May and June if temperatures are right and can be active through September. Carrying diseases like West Nile and Malaria, it’s important to eradicate mosquitoes from your yard— especially if you intend to spend time outdoors!
  • Earwigs: Earwigs are a problem in Illinois and Wisconsin until it snows!

Common Fall Pests

Fall brings an invasion of a whole new crop of critters—the fall invaders! These include:

  • Stink bugs: Stink bugs are an invasive species, named for their tendency to emit unpleasant smells when disturbed or crushed. This makes removing them a smelly endeavor, making pretreatment with A-Action a great way to keep your home looking and smelling its best!
  • Boxelders: Boxelders are known to congregate in trees during the summer and then travel en masse into homes to find shelter for the winter. They tend to hide in cracks and crevices in walls, making removal a tricky process.
  • Lady Asian Beetles: More commonly known as ‘ladybugs,’ Lady Asian beetles are known for their fall migration into homes. While they aren't dangerous, their tendency to emit yellow fluid and acrid odors do make them an unwanted nuisance.

Fall invaders require special care to kick out of your home! That’s why we’ve developed a special fall invaders program! 

While these are just general pests, the weather in a previous season can always affect when certain vermin are active! That’s why you need a professional company to make sure your home’s barrier is always up-to-date on whatever pests are hanging around. Here at A-Action, you can take advantage of our award-winning service for only $1.10/day—less than the cost of a cup of coffee! 

Our Pest Control Plans

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Take Action Plan

With exterior treatments every 10 weeks during spring, summer, and fall, the Take Action plan drives pests away from your home and keeps them out long-term. Learn More

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Pro Action Plan

For more comprehensive protection, the Pro Action Plan includes everything from our Take Action plan PLUS an interior treatment during winter and coverage against even more insectsLearn More

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Premier Action Plan

Our ultimate level of protection, the Premier Action Plan includes year-round treatments PLUS defense against both insects and rodents, keeping your home and family safe all year! Learn More

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No Contract Options Available

When you work with A-Action, we don’t require you to be locked into a contract that you don’t need. While there are many benefits to recurring services, we do offer one-time services to solve your pest problems. No matter if you’re signed up for one of our comprehensive packages or just a one-time service, you can expect top-caliber services from our QualityPro certified exterminators.

What to Expect From A-Action Pest Control

Our pest control process and simple, yet effective. When you work with A-Action, we will:

  • Start with a thorough inspection performed by one of our certified exterminators to identify which critters you’re dealing with. 
  • Communicate our findings to you and work to find a solution that works for your home and family. 
  • Treat your home to rid any current infestations from your property.
  • Routinely treat the exterior of your home to prevent new infestations from taking place.


Locally-Owned for Over 30 Years

As a locally-owned and operated company, our exterminators aren’t from some big corporation. In fact, we’re from just down the street. When we enter your home, it’s more than just another job—as your neighbors, we treat each home as if it were our own. We take special care to treat your home and your family with the highest level of respect! 

Learn more about the services we offer in Wisconsin and Illinois:

Don’t see your neighborhood on the list? Give us a call at 847-838-5680 today to see if we can service your home! 

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