Pest Control Tips for Moving Into a New Home

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You’ve unpacked the moving van and are starting to settle into your beautiful new home when you see it: a large spider crawling up the wall. It seems that while your favorite t-shirt might’ve been left behind in the move, your pest problem did not. Moving into a new home can be one of life’s most exciting experiences, but it can also provide the perfect opportunity for pests to hide in your belongings and hitch a ride.

If you’re proactive while packing, keeping pest infestations from following you can be simple and save you from added stress during a big move. Follow our tips below to prevent pests from coming with you and find one less thing to worry about when you move! In this blog you will learn how to prevent the following pests from moving with you:

How to Keep Bed Bugs Out of Your New Home

Bed bugs are one of the most feared household pests, creating infestations that are difficult to get rid of, ruining your belongings, and leaving you with itchy welts. Although you may not have noticed any bed bugs in your home before, packing up your belongings provides a good opportunity to look more thoroughly. To keep bed bugs out of your new home:

  • Wash all bedding, clothing, and other linens before you move them between your old home and new.
  • Instead of packing everything away immediately, give your linens a thorough wash and dry on high heat to kill any bed bugs, larvae, and eggs.
  • To take it one step further, wash or dry clean your luggage before you start packing, as suitcases and duffel bags can serve as the perfect transportation for bed bugs to your new home.

How to Keep Ants Out of Your New Home

Ants are among the most common of household pests and can be a pain to get rid of. They are resilient, making it crucial that you act quickly and aggressively when you notice ants in your home. While packing, keep an eye out for places where ants are typically found, particularly the kitchen and bathrooms. These tiny pests are most interested in easy food sources and easy access, so, you should:

  • Fix up any cracks in your foundation 
  • Clean up food crumbs 
  • Inspect your home for entry points 
  • Make sure your food is properly sealed 

Once you’ve moved in, take the time to ensure that all of your food items and garbage are properly stored. If you need help with ant removal services, call us at [phone-number]

How to Keep Spiders Out of Your New Home

Spider problems are sometimes difficult to diagnose because these long-legged pests tend to hide out in dark places and are not always easy to spot. Where there are spiders, you can usually find smaller bugs that they eat. Avoid packing spiders away in your cardboard boxes by:

  • Getting rid of any webs you find
  • Inspecting items that have sat untouched for a while
  • Paying special attention to items stored in garages or sheds
  • If you can rid your home of the smaller pests that spiders feed off of, you can eliminate their food source and get an infestation under control.

Proper Inspection is Key

When it comes down to preventing pests when you move, the most important thing to remember is to thoroughly inspect everything you pack away. If you check nooks and crannies, keep your belongings clean, and know the warning signs to look out for, keeping pests out of your new home can be a breeze. Despite your best efforts, however, infestations can still happen.

If you want to get rid of existing infestations or take the initiative to prevent pests for the long-term, getting regular pest control service from a professional is the best option. Having a highly-trained exterminators inspect your home for signs of a pest problem and come up with a treatment plan means that you can finally get around to enjoying your new home!

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